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Pick an undergraduate major at 恩大学.

专业 & 未成年人

Choosing an undergraduate major can be overwhelming. With more than 100 majors, minors and concentrations, you will find a degree that meets your niche interests, and satisfies the desires of your future employer! Start browsing the list today. The opportunities from here are limitless!

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Bachelor’s in 3 Years

We know that time and money are two of your most valuable resources, so we've created a way to save you both during your undergraduate education. We call it our 3 year program. Complete nearly any of our undergraduate majors in just 3 years.

No more 学费 Increase with 恩大学

Bachelor’s + Master’s in 4 Years

Why stop with one degree when you can get two? With our Blended Program, we've made a way for you to walk across the stage with your Bachelor's AND your Master's degree in hand. Oh, and did we mention it will only take the traditional 4-year time period?

Learn about our Academic 部门

Academic 部门

We house our majors under what we call Academic 部门. Regardless of the major you choose, your Academic Department will provide you with a larger network of faculty and peers with interests similar to yours. This is your playground to weigh questions, bounce ideas around, and reimagine solutions.

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Applied Experiential Learning

We love learning in the classroom, but our training is incomplete if we don't take the theory, technique and teaching beyond coursework. That's why we highly esteem and require students to partake in Applied Experiential Learning. 实习, 一些实习课程, labs and study abroad experiences will give you the opportunity to practically apply the ideas swirling around in class!

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