在澳门葡京游艺赌场 & 神学院, the senior leadership desires to represent Christ through the way they lead, 教导和生活他们的日常生活. 他们的目标是通过参与改变来荣耀神, pursuing expansion and developing momentum as Grace seeks to provide the best education and environment for every student. The senior leadership team is devoted to bringing glory to God through its commitment to serve, 爱并支持澳门葡京视讯赌博一家.

Drew Flamm执行副总裁

画R. Flamm, Ph值.D.


Dr. 德鲁·弗拉姆被任命为澳门葡京游艺赌场第七任院长 & 2022年4月在神学院. 他的学历是B。.A. in Comprehensive Communications, Cedarville University; M.A. in Organizational Communications and 领导, Gonzaga University, and Ph.印第安纳州立大学教育领导学博士. Flamm has more than 16 years of higher education experience at multiple colleges. 他自2013年以来一直在Grace任职. 在前任校长的领导下. 比尔Katip, 弗拉姆指导了“渴望运动”, 这是该校有史以来规模最大的综合性活动,共筹集了39美元.800万年. The Aspire Campaign enabled the building/renovation of five facilities and more than doubled the institution’s endowment. 他在澳门葡京视讯赌博的那段时间里, Flamm was promoted to oversee marketing and enrollment efforts as well as the 莉莉湖泊中心 & 流. He has also demonstrated proficiency in strategic planning and implementation for the past several strategic cycles.



Dr. John Teevan has a Doctorate of 最小值istry in Intercultural Studies and a Master’s of Divinity from Grace Theological 神学院 and holds an Artium Baccalaureus Degree in Economics from Princeton University. Dr. 自2000年以来,蒂文一直在格雷斯教授各种课程. His life of ministry has included two senior pastorates at the Grace Brethren Church in Ashland, 俄亥俄州, 和薇诺娜湖的薇诺娜湖恩典弟兄教会, 印第安纳州. He also spent twelve years working for 恩大学 in the 印第安纳州 State Prison system as an educator and director.

Doug Baumgardner 财务副总裁/首席财务官



B.S. 澳门葡京游艺赌场数学与信息技术管理硕士 & 神学院; Master of Business Administration, 印第安纳大学, 行政领导证书, 威斯康星大学. Doug is the Chief Financial Officer and oversees all aspects of the institution's financial affairs including financial reporting, 预算管理, 资本计划, 预测 & 建模和银行业务 & 投资. Doug拥有近20年的领导和财务经验, having served in leadership positions at multiple Banks and private companies.

学生事务 at 恩大学 is her to help students grow spiritually, 在情感上, and academically; to create Christian community.

亚伦T. 瑰柏翠,M.A.


B.S. in Communications and Biblical Studies, 恩大学; M. A. 全球领导力,富勒神学院. Aaron Crabtree serves as the chief student development officer at Grace, 监督学生事务处, 其中包括居住生活, 学生领导及参与, 多元化和包容性, 教堂, 校园部门, 职业生涯的连接, 健康与咨询, 及学生康乐活动. 他还在我们的第一年体验计划中提供领导, is a lead faculty in the Freshman Foundations course and also teaches Global Perspectives. Aaron has a passion for organizational leadership and faith development and coordinates student leadership training at Grace both inside and outside the classroom.



B.S. in Criminal Justice and Psychology, 恩大学; M.A. in Counseling, 恩大学; Psy.D.阿德勒职业心理学院教授. Dr. 罗伯茨于2001年加入澳门葡京游艺赌场, 在做了九年临床治疗师和咨询师之后. 自从来到澳门葡京视讯赌博, he has actively engaged his research interests in health psychology and addictions. He has also co-authored an interdisciplinary commentary on Ecclesiastes with a second commentary on the book of Proverbs expected later this year. Roberts has served several roles in the school of Behavioral Sciences department, 包括教授, 系主任兼院长. 作为教务长. Roberts oversees each of the academic schools, student services, and the library.

凯莉一个. Yocum, Ph值.D. 行政和合规副总裁

凯莉一个. Yocum, Ph值.D.


B.S. in Social Work, Manchester College; M.S.W., Andrews University; Ph.D. 安德鲁斯大学领导学硕士 1997年,她开始担任澳门葡京游艺赌场的教职员工. Yocum是一名社区心理健康的社会工作者. She assists in the overall administration of the institution with a focus on campus-wide compliance, 校园安全. Dr. Yocum also serves as the 第九条 Coordinator related to nondiscrimination and equity, 并担任幕僚长, 协助总裁执行职务, 特殊项目, 以及执行机构使命的主动性.

Freddy CardozaDean, Grace Theological 神学院; Professor of Christian 最小值istry & 领导


Dean of the School of 最小值istry Studies/Vice 总统 of Grace Theological 神学院

B.S. in Church 最小值istries, Liberty University; M.A. in Christian Education, Southeastern Baptist Theological 神学院; Ph.D. 在美南浸信会神学院的领导. Dr. Freddy Cardoza serves as the Dean of the School of 最小值istry Studies at 恩大学 and as Dean of Grace Theological 神学院, 监督学校的本科生, 研究生, 还有博士课程. Freddy has 25 years of experience at leading institutions in Christian higher education and 20 years of successful pastoral ministry in churches across the United States. 他的新书, 基督教教育(贝克学术), 突出了他的高等教育背景, 学术管理, 部门的领导, 和技术.



B.A. in Youth 最小值istry, Malone University; M.Div.,教育学硕士,博士.D. in Biblical Studies: New Testament, Midwestern Baptist Theological 神学院. 作为发展部副总裁, 内森领导一切发展, 年度捐献, 以及澳门葡京游艺赌场和神学院的管理计划. Nathan is passionate about Christian philanthropy and communicating how the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms the way Christians view stewardship and generosity. 在澳门葡京游艺赌场和神学院任职之前, 内森曾在锡达维尔大学(Cedarville)任职, 俄亥俄州)和中西部浸信会神学院(堪萨斯城), MO). Nathan has over a decade of experience in Christian higher education and local church ministry.



B.S. in Communication and Intercultural Studies, 恩大学; M.A. in 最小值istry Studies, Grace Theological Studies; Ph.D. 印第安纳卫斯理大学组织领导学. Dr. Pohl serves as the 招生管理副总裁 and oversees all aspects of enrollment and financial aid for traditional and online programs. 在他的领导下, traditional and online enrollment has surpassed institutional goals and set enrollment records. Dr. 波尔拥有近20年的领导和招生经验, 从大学时期的学生大使开始. Dr. Pohl was a first generation college student and is passionate about caring for people, 为家庭提供丰厚的奖学金, 将我们的校园与美丽的湖边社区连接起来.



战略副总裁 & 操作

B.S. in Business Administration and Counseling, 恩大学; M.S. 澳门葡京游艺赌场非营利管理专业 Kelsi joined the 恩大学 team in August 2014 to serve in the Office of 进步. 在回到澳门葡京视讯赌博之前, Kelsi began her career in nonprofit work in 2011 at the Kosciusko County Community Foundation. Kelsi currently serves as the 战略副总裁 and 操作. 她和博士一起工作。. Flamm to support the strategic planning efforts of the institution and oversees presidential projects. Kelsi also works alongside our CFO/COO to manage institutional operations and relationships with our contracted vendors.